Jim Sain


I began my training as a musician in 4th grade. I’ve played woodwinds, piano, percussion, guitar and bass. I was blessed to have wonderful mentors early on including symphony first chair players. 18 years ago I decided to focus on my bass playing as part of the music ministry at church. This was a way I could fully engage in the worship of our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.

I’ve had the pleasure of playing with my BSD colleagues at church for many years. When the bass chair became vacant I was asked if I wanted to join the band. The answer was an enthusiastic and decisive, “Yes!”

As a composer and songwriter I enjoy sharing my creative energies with the band. I am a professor of music composition, theory and technology as my day job. I volunteer as an adult leader in the Boy Scouts at the troop, crew, district and council levels.

I’m looking forward to many years of making music to the Glory of God with the Backseat Disciples. Blessings to all!

Jim’s Equipment

  • Basses
    Breedlove Atlas Jumbo ABJ25/CR5 Bass Carvin ’05 LB76W Claro Walnut Bass Carvin ’92 LB5 Bass Carvin ’95 LB76F Fretless Bass Daion ’81 XX-BF Fretless Bass w/brass nut Fender ’01 Marcus Miller Jazz Bass Fender ’76 Precision Bass with drop C tuner, EMG Select p/u’s and Badass Bridge Godin A4 SA Bass
  • Strings
    10's 12's semi flat wounds (Joe Pass)
  • Amplifiers
    Fender Bassman Pro 400 w/Carvin 15” Sub SWR LA12 Combo Amp
  • Strings
    Carvin Fender D’Addario Helicore Hybrid (Godin)
  • Effects
    DOD Bass Chorus Ernie Ball Volume Pedal