Gary Hartge

Electric Guitar

After six years of playing trumpet, I turned my attention to the guitar which I started learning in the seventh grade, to be a “rock star”. I eventually grew bored with guitar and looking back, I realized it was because I was playing for the wrong reasons.

I put the guitar away for almost twenty years and life went on…until my wife brought home an amplifier one day, encouraging me to play again. Playing music again after all those years was a blessing and met a growing, consistent need I was feeling to fulfill a calling to serve my church family, helping them draw closer to God through music. I was learning and stretching and serving as best I could. I was happy. In the process I moved away from just playing my guitar, to worshipping through the playing. I think it was something I was always doing, but now I was intimately aware of it. It was amazing. Music connects me to our Lord and Savior and I use it to build my relationship with Him. This connection I have with Him is a true reward. I have been blessed and this is my small way to give back and say thank you God! All honor and praise to Him. Thanks be to God! I am forever grateful.

Gary’s Equipment

  • Guitars

    Gibson Les Paul
    Epiphone Sheraton II
    Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II

  • Amplifiers

    Fender Blues Junior
    Peavy Valve King

  • Strings

    12's semi flat wounds (Joe Pass)

  • Effects

    Power wah/volume
    Analog delay
    Analog Chorus
    Analog overdrive
    10 band equalizer
    Digital modeling effects processor