Meet The Band

The Backseat Disciples Band evolved over several years bringing together Gary Hartge (electric guitar), Ed Bonahue (keyboard and background vocals), Jake Martin (acoustic guitar), Jen Powell (Vocals) and Jason Powell (drums, background vocals). And as you may have already guessed, Jen and Jason come as a package deal!

Like many groups, we were all active in our church and, specifically in music ministry. For several years we shared our God-given talents with our parish community and each other—proclaiming the Good News and doing our best to draw our community into a deeper worship experience. Eventually, through much prayer and discernment, a small group of musicians embarked on a new journey, forming The Backseat Disciples Band. Part of the mission of BSD is to continue to reach out to our church community and the greater world community through powerful music and through works with other Christian ministries, proclaiming the greatness and love of Christ. We consider The Backseat Disciples Band more of an evolution than a creation. Over several years, the Holy Spirit worked through each of us, bringing us together to proclaim the Word of God through music.

Photos courtesy of Bill Spaight Photography