The BSD Debut

The Backseat Disciples self titled first CD is a combination of the many varied personalities of the band. This first offering is dynamic and contains much diversity. The band moves easily from driving rock and roll reminiscent of groups such as the Allman Brothers to ballads in the genre of Kari Jobe. There are songs that we have used in worship service at our home church to simply some our favorites. Each reflects the originality and creativity of the Backseat Disciples. Although many will sound familiar, each has its own unique divergence and makes it uniquely the Backseat Disciples.

Of course each one was selected for its message. This project, and all that we do, is an offering to Him that makes all things possible. He who so generously pours out His grace on each of us. The Backseat Disciples offer up this work for His glory and pray that in some way it touches you and brings you closer to our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, to whom all honor and praise is due.

Thank you for your support and Thanks be to God!

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