Led By the Light

Joyful, Joyful

Oh Come, Oh Come Emmanuel

Born That We May Have Life

Mary Did You KNow

You’re Here


Winter Snow

Joy to the World, Unspeakable Joy

Little Drummer Boy

Led by the Light from the Backseat Disciples delivers some of your favorite Contemporary Christian Christmas tunes using a modern twist. From driving rock to soulful ballads to a bit of good old funk.

The Backseat Disciples again show their diversity moving from driving electric guitar (Gary Hartge), to Americana acoustic guitar (Jake Martin). All of this is supported by piano, organ and even harpsichord (Ed Bonahue)! Of course the solid bottom end from the bass (Dave Hutchings) provides the depth and the heartbeat is provided by Jason Powell. Holding all of these varied facets of the album together is the soulful vocals and harmonies of Jen Powell.